Center for Chinese Studies, Mahidol University visited two overseas Chinese Huiguans

April 20, 2018

Led by director, Assoc. Prof. Tavivat Puntarigvivat, a delegation of Center for Chinese studies, Mahidol University visited two influential overseas Chinese Huiguans, Guangzhao Huiguan and Fengshun Huiguan, in Bangkok this morning. 

The general director of Guangzhao Huiguan, Mr. Zhou Jinxin, warmly welcomed the delegation from CCS and introduced the history of this more than 130 years-old Huiguan founded in 1877 and the contemporary living of oversea Guangzhao Chinese. The conversation and communication sparked precious inspiration for the overseas Chinese studies in Thailand for the related research programs. Mr. Zhou also pleasantly accepted the invitation of CCS to give a speech at CCS on the theme of “the Culture of Guangzhao Chinse.”


The delegation of CCS also visited the Fengshun Huiguan, a Hakka Sister Huiguan founded in Thailand in 1738.  The hosts and guests had a warm conversation, and both showed the will to have more communication in the future. The Fengshun Huiguan sent a series of books on Hakka overseas Chinese portraits, which provided valuable first-hand records for the CCS Hakka studies program.