Profile and Objectives


To be an academic research organization dedicated to the advancement of scholarship on Chinese philosophy, religion (Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism), culture, and social development in regional and global context.

  •  To facilitate the cultural and academic exchanges between China and Southeast Asia, provide recommendations and conduct academic research on the roles of Chinese cultures in China’s relationship and interactions with Southeast Asia.
  • To serve as a resource center and advisor to the government, corporate sector, and diplomatic corps on matters related to culture, history, religion and other issues crucial to the understanding of China and China-Southeast Asia relation.
  • To enhance collaborative research links with foreign institutions through academic exchange programs and joint research projects focusing on China.
  • To establish a professional Chinese linguistic training and examining center for the growing demand of Chinese-speaking employees in the regional job market.
  • To offer the service of consultation for the interested candidates to enroll in the top universities in China.