Research Projects

Research Projects on Thai-Chinese


1. Databases (5~7years)

1) Database of Chinese Temples

2) Database of Chinese Elites and Their Family Genealogy

2. Research of Thai-Chinese Religions (10 years)

1) History of Chinese Buddhism in Thailand;

2) Thai-Chinese Christianity Community: Formation, Activities and Historical Evolution;

3) Thai-Chinese Muslim Community: Emergence, Activities, and Historical Transformation

3. Study of Dialect-oriented Chinese Groups and their Cultural Variation and Comparison:

1) Teochew Group

2) Hakka Group

3) Hokkien Group

4) Cantonese Group

5)  Hailam Group

4. Straits Chinese and Thai Chinese: Interactions and Exchanges from history to the present


Programs on Sino-Thai Exchanges


1.  China’s Economic Policies in the Global Context

2. Comparative Study of the Culture’s Roles in the Sino-Thai Economic Interaction